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Psychology in Everyday Life Third 3rd Edition by David G. Myers

USD $26.26

Author: David G. Myers

SKU: 978-1464109362 Category:
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Psychology Foundations And Frontiers 10e 10th Edition by Bernstein

USD $26.35

Author: Bernstein

SKU: 978-1305114302 Category:
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Psychology Around Us 2nd Edition – Ronald Comer

USD $26.56

Author: Ronald Comer

SKU: 978-1118012079 Category:
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Psychology and Work Today 10th Edition by Duane Schultz

USD $28.21

Author: Duane Schultz

SKU: 978-0205683581 Category:
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Psychology 10th Edition by David G. Mayer

USD $25.12

Author: David G. Mayer

SKU: 978-1429261784 Category:
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Psychology 4th Edition by Saundra K. Ciccarelli

USD $27.24

Author: Saundra K. Ciccarelli

SKU: 978-0205972241 Category:
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Personality Psychology Domains of Knowledge About Human Nature 6th Edition

USD $28.04

Author: Randy Larsen and David Buss

SKU: 978-1259870491 Category:
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Our Sexuality 13th by Robert L. Crooks

USD $23.08

Author: Robert L. Crooks

SKU: 978-1305646520 Category:
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